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Finance Apps in Real Estate – Are They Useful?

finance apps

The most common reason people purchase Android tablets is for entertainment and leisure. By using this smaller computer mobile device, we can enjoy the internet and play games at any location. However, did you know that Android tablets are also highly useful as resources in the financial industry?

If you take a look at Google Play, you will see that Android offers numerous finance apps that are relevant and useful to a person’s daily financial needs. Whether you are interested in the latest financial news or you need to make monetary computations, finance-related apps are at your service. This article will provide information on some of the top Android tablet finance apps available.

1. Finance

Have you ever thought about using the services of a personal financial advisor, but cannot afford to pay for one? Well, you are not alone as many people in this economic climate are looking for some assistance with their finances. Android has realized this issue and has introduced an app that strips you of the need to hire a personal planner.

Finance is an app that provides the user with the most recent updates in the stock market. In fact, it will also provide you with stock quotes that are quoted in real-time making them highly reliable. The app also syncs well with existing stock portfolios which can be loaded using Google Finance.

2. Financisto

Financisto is an Android app that presents with various features including the management of different bank accounts from one source. This means that you are able to add multiple types of bank accounts to your profile allowing you to monitor the payments from savings and current accounts. This app is particularly beneficial for individuals who are attempting to create budgets as they have access to all accounts and can schedule payments from one location.

3. Real Estate Droid

Property is always a beneficial long-term investment, and if it is your dream to be in real estate, then the Real Estate Droid app would be useful for you. This finance app presents with various real estate-related features that keeps you in the loop regarding the property market. For example, you will be able to search for houses for sale and gain information on the area using real-time updates. It is also possible to review mortgage quotes made by real lenders using the built-in loan calculator.

4. Karl’s Mortgage Calculatorfinance apps

If the Real Estate Droid app does not meet your real estate broker needs, then you could always opt for the specialized financial app known as Karl’s Mortgage Calculator. The Karl’s Mortgage Calculator app is useful in calculating how much your future mortgage repayments should be and evaluate the loan interest rates. It is easy to navigate and use with simple charts and graphs.

5. PayPal

Arguably, the most well-known Android tablet finance app is that of PayPal. This app allows you to complete all tasks on your PayPal profile from a mobile device. The bonus feature is that you can pay for an item and speed up its delivery process when using this particular app.

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